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May 16, 2012


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We loved the envelope and are keeping it along with the book! Thanks again.


Hooray! So glad you received the package, and that you love the work - I hope you'll take some time to read to the tapirs! :) Cheers!


That's a very nice illustration of Baird's Tapir. I saw one recently at the San Diego Zoo in their Elephant Odyssey exhibit. This exhibit compares a variety of living animals to extinct ones. They gave a comparison of Baird's Tapir with an extinct California Tapir. I recommend it if you get out to San Diego; I also posted a summary:


Thank you Dave! And your post is extremely timely - I'm headed to the San Diego Zoo next month! I'm making lots of room for drawing supplies in my suitcase - I haven't been to that Zoo since I was pretty little, and I'm very excited to see it all again. Thanks also for the link to your blog - what wonderful content!

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