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February 28, 2012


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Wow! That sounds like lots of fun. Wish I could have been there!

Love the watercolors. You're a great artist!

J. S. Ferguson

I'm really enjoying your blog. Thank you for the putting out this work so that we can see your beautiful art and learn from your experiences. I just found out about your blog from Parka's site which did a short review/recommendation on your book, and I've been enjoying reading your posts and looking at your work. I love how your work is meticulous, gentle (the washes and the watercolors that fade away into edges and planned obscurity) and yet there's still a boldness to your art. Wonderful contrasts. I look forward to seeing and reading more and learning more about you and your work. Thanks again.


Thank you J.S.! So glad you stumbled on my site, and your comments are ever so kind. This blog is as much a research and motivation tool for myself, as it is a project for an audience - it really warms my heart to hear from others who appreciate the same subject matter, and enjoy my particular style of artwork. All the best...

Carolyn E.

I was strolling around Providence earlier this year when I came upon the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab. It looked like an amazing place but it was after hours so I couldn't go in and check it out. I'm glad to hear such a unique place is well used by RISD students. Awesome!


Hi Carolyn - The Nature Lab IS fantastic! The next time you're in Providence, you might try giving them a call to book an appointment. Since it's part of the RISD campus, the building is always locked - but I'm pretty sure you could get a tour/visit if you scheduled it. Cheers!

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