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December 26, 2011


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How you get your ridgeback to wear all that silly stuff simply amazes me! Hank (our 17 month old RR) will not tolerate anything on him for more than a few seconds. Oscar is a very handsome dog though. Quick question, on leerburg you said you Oscar was on baytril for a while, have any suggestions on how to trick a RR into taking it? Hank has been on it for a little over a week and the chewable tablets ain't getting chewed. I'm having to corner him and then toss it down his gullet. If I don't make it in just right he foams at the mouth and tries to spit it out. Too smart for his own good I tell you! But the prostate infection is clearing up.


Hi Ken, thanks for the comments! Oscar is an exceedingly tolerant dog, mostly due to growing up with a crazy person for a mum (and an understanding that patience is ALWAYS rewarded with good treats!). I work with him every day, and he's always focused when there's food to be had. That's the best advice I can give you for pill time as well - either wrap the tablets in a big piece of something special (cheese, meat, peanut butter, etc) - break them up and conceal them in littler bites if he's not swallowing them whole - or grind them up and mix them into something soft and delicious (peanut butter again, yogurt, etc). Best of luck - I hope that infection is 100% gone asap!

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